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Quality Management

In line with the latest modern management systems, our company is ISO 9001: 2000 certified for all our facilities. We have a combination of highly evolved manufacturing facility and well trained manpower to produce products which suit the ever changing needs of the market and ultimate consumer.
In all we have three facilities viz.

      1. Toothbrush manufacturing
      2. Toothpaste & mouthwash manufacturing
      3. Laundry products

A fully equipped Q.C. Laboratory with latest gadgets work round the clock to ensure international quality of products. All the 3 Plants the plants have in house machine maintenance department with stock of key and critical spares, who can set the machines alright in bare minimum time. Since the plants are fully automatic, hygienic conditions are maintained without touching the product in the entire production process. All the supporting infrastructure facilities are available round the clock to ensure smooth flow of production lines.

Toothbrush Manufacturing

      1. Against a specified end rounding of 50% for toothbrush bristles , the company provides 80%
      2. Bristle fitting in toothbrush handles possesses a pull load of about 2.4-2.6 kg against the           mandated 2 kg.

Toothpaste & Mouthwash Manufacturing

JHS is setting up the most modern toothpaste manufacturing facility with a capacity of 21600 mt and possessing Nor den 3 color filling line at Kala AMB.

      1. Complete automation where the product is untouched by human hands across the           manufacturing, filling and packaging processes.
      2. The facility’s cleanliness is maintained at 5 microns (dust particles per unit of air) against the           global standard of 120-150 microns.
      3. The water used in the formulation is of inject able grade ( us -32) against the normal water           used by other players – a first in india.

With respect to mouthwashes jhs has a fully automated plant installed by our business partner which eliminates any human touch with the product.

Laundry Products

JHS Has A Fully Automated Plant Installed By Our Business Partner Which Eliminates Any Human Touch With The Product

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